Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing the look on the children’s faces the first time they walk into their new home. For many of these homeless, single-parent families, this is the first stable home they have had in a long time.

The Humility of Mary Housing staff members are truly blessed to be a part of the lives of these families and to share in the rewarding experience of watching them succeed and grow into confident, self-reliant individuals.

It is through the generosity of our donors and friends  we are able to continue the work in assisting families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty while providing them with  the needed support to live a more abundant life.

Case Management Services

Our team of professional case managers help residents achieve the goal of independence and stability in housing by coordinating access to a variety of services designed to meet their specific needs. Our case managers address the physical, psychological and social needs of our residents; they make referrals and linkages with appropriate community-based services; and, assist with transportation when needed.

Additionally, our case managers negotiate, advocate, inform, coordinate and serve as liaisons to other professionals and supportive services. Some of the linkages that case managers access to help people meet their goals include education and employment services, medical providers, entitlement centers, advocacy groups, substance use treatment, psychotherapists and psychiatrists.


Youth Advocacy

An important focus of our work with families is directed towards children.   HMHI Programs & Services staff assist parents in ensuring that their children make progress in school, that they receive medical and dental attention and that they have some fun in their lives.

The summer activity schedule includes numerous field trips to educational and fun places and day camp experiences that, for many, opens them up to a world they have never before experienced.

During the school year, tutoring is provided on or near the sites of our residences.  Field trips and other family activities continue through the school year as well.


  Emergency Assistance

In our community center in Girard, Ohio we provide food, clothing and assistance with rent and utilities to those in need. On a regular basis this is more than 200 families and that number grows significantly at the holidays and during the winter months. Our center provides Christmas presents and food as well as Easter baskets to the needy in this community.

Humility of Mary Housing promotes and strengthens the self-sufficiency of individuals and families,
especially the poor, through advocacy, supportive services and quality housing.

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