Call to Ministry

A Home for the Homeless

Chelle, Brad, Judy and Mark were new neighbors who decided to create a path to connect their back yards. They adorned a self-made walkway with birdhouses which made visits easier and sparked an ongoing creative collaboration to build and decorate unique houses. As committed Christians, they asked God how to use their efforts for His good. Their prayers led them to Psalm 91:4 “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge”.

God has led them to assist those who shelter the homeless by donating their treasured birdhouses as means to generate financial support

Each of these handcrafted, individually painted birdhouses is the result of a generous and thoughtful spirit that echoes the determination of Sister Loretta. Her vision 30 years ago was to provide safe housing and a second chance to those who needed shelter. Today we can count thousands of women, children, transition aged youth, and low-income seniors who have found refuge in Humility of Mary Housing.

We need your help to continue serving the most vulnerable in our communities. Brad, Chelle, Judy and Mark graciously donated these handcrafted birdhouses to support our work. Like one you see, click on the image, indicate the birdhouse number you like in the "in honor of" field and make a donation of $50 or more plus $10 shipping and handling and you can enjoy the gift of housing the homeless everyday. Each birdhouse is ready for outdoors. Thank you for your interest and generosity.