HM Life Opportunity Services

H M Life Opportunity Services

Sr Loretta Rafter, HM, Scholarship Fund

The Sr Loretta Rafter scholarship fund was set up by the HM Life Opportunity Services board of directors to honor their chief executive and founder of the HM Life housing ministry. Residents of HM Life Opportunity Services who share in the values of Humility of Mary Housing and are seeking to pursue educational opportunities for personal or professional enrichment are eligible to apply for a scholarship to cover the costs related to their educational needs for up to 4 years. Additional details are included in the application. Click here to download the application.

H M Life Opportunity Services serves families trapped in the cycle of homelessness. The cycle is broken through supportive housing programs by helping families set goals to gain independence, stability and to reconnect with the community for supportive services, housing and employment.

H M  Life Opportunity Services in Akron and Northfield Center offers quality  housing and support services to  homeless, single parent families. Participants receive housing  while they work with a case manager to identify goals and determine a plan of action for themselves and their children.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Homeless (living in a homeless/domestic violence shelter or transitional housing)
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Custody of at least one minor child or in third trimester of pregnancy
  • Diagnosed Disability

Please call 
for more information if you meet these requirements

H M Life Opportunity Services  


Northfield Residence

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Northfield, OH 44067 
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Treeside Beasley Residence

502 Treeside Dr.
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Copley Road Residence

1170 Copley Rd.
Akron, OH 44320
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